The MahaRERA Real Estate Agent Training Program is focused on a holistic approach to bridging knowledge and skill gaps. While a majority of Real Estate Agents are working for decades, there are areas of improvement for everyone, and keeping that in mind the course is designed in such a manner as to include something for everyone. Key focus areas include:

The MahaRERA Portal

A detailed walk-through of the MahaRERA portal which provides a thorough understanding of the

Real Estate Agent Registration

Step-by-step process of registration and renewal including documentation requirements

Real Estate Project Registration

Step-by-step project registration including all requirements

Allottees and their Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities of allottees and redressal mechanisms

Due Diligence

A crucial check on the property legal status before facilitating property sale

Sales Process, Forms, Agreements

Model forms, Home loans, Mortgages etc

MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP)

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Welcome to NAREDCO REMI, where excellence in real estate education meets your aspirations. Our MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP) and Certification Program for Real Estate Agents are your gateways to becoming a highly skilled professional in the dynamic world of real estate.

MahaRERA Agent Training Program

Key Focus Areas

The MahaRERA Portal

Learn to use MahaRERA portal efficiently with a detailed walkthrough. Master its features for smoother processes.

Real Estate Agent Registration

Master real estate agent registration and renewal with step-by-step instructions and document essentials for a smooth process.

Real Estate Project Registration

Understand the complete project registration process and its requirements for successful registration.

Allottees and their Responsibilities

Know allottees' rights and duties in real estate deals. Discover dispute resolution methods for a transparent agent-allottee interaction.

Due Diligence

Excel in property due diligence for legal status. Spot and resolve potential legal issues in property sales.

Sales Process, Forms, Agreements

Navigate real estate sales complexities, including forms, loans, and mortgages, for successful transactions.


Empanelled Authorized Training Partner

NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council) and REMI (Real Estate Management Institute) have joined forces to deliver the MahaRERA Agent Training Program in Maharashtra, setting the benchmark for real estate education and training. This strategic partnership brings together NAREDCO's industry leadership and REMI's educational expertise to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need.

MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP)

a Certification Program for Real Estate Agents
offered both online and in person

Empowering Real Estate Agents with Certification.

Real Estate Agents play a pivotal role as critical stakeholders for both promoters and allottees. Their in-depth understanding of real estate transactions is essential in assisting allottees and preventing conflicts.

In line with this, MahaRERA introduces the Certification Program for Real Estate Agents, available both online and in-person and powered by NAREDCO and REMI.

Explore the Program Details by Choosing the Option that Suits You Best:

Key Takeaways

Primarily Designed to Impart Knowledge and Guidance on MahaRERA







MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP)

Program Objectives

MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP)

Program Benefits

Prepares Real Estate Agents for the MahaRERA Real Estate Agent Certification Exam

Facilitates an understanding of the clauses of MahaRERA

Network with peers in the industry

MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP)

Evaluation and Certification

Participants must complete the training with a minimum of 60% attendance to receive a training completion certificate. A mock evaluation will be conducted at the end of the course for both online and in-person classroom sessions. The training completion e-certificate will be provided via email and will be required to register for the MahaRERA Real Estate Agent Certificate of Competency exam.

MahaRERA Agent Training Program (MATP)

Final Certification

Upon receiving the training completion certificate, candidates are eligible to enroll and attempt the Final Certification Exam conducted by the authorized MahaRERA body. Successfully passing this exam leads to the prestigious MahaRERA Certification.

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