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Course Content

20 Hrs of Classroom Program | 5 days a week | 4 hours per day

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Course Objectives & Outcomes

2.1. Preamble, Purpose and Objectives

2.2. Sections of the Act

2.3. Key Components of the Act

4.1. Virtual Tour of the Portal

4.1.1. MahaRERA Menu Bar and Sub Menus

5.1. Who is Real Estate Agent as per RERA

5.2. Registration of Real Estate Agents as per Section 9 of the Act

5.3. Type of Real Estate Agents

5.4. Registration Application and Process

5.5. Renewal of Registration of real estate agent

5.6. Functions of Real Estate Agents

5.7. Revocation of Registration of Real Estate Agent

5.8. Step – by- Step Guidance for Agent Registration on MahaRERA Web Portal

5.8.1. Individual Agents

5.8.2. Non – Individual Agents

6.1. Registration of Real Estate Projects

6.2. Registration Application and Process

6.3. Extension of Registration

6.4. Revocation of Registration

6.5. Functions and Duties of Promoter

7.1. Rights of Allottees

7.2. Obligations of Allottees

7.3. Dispute Resolution

7.3.1. Complaints

7.3.2. Adjudication

7.3.3. Conciliation

7.3.4. Appeals

7.4. Penal Provisions

7.4.1. Penal Provisions for Promoters

7.4.2. Penal Provisions for Real Estate Agents

7.4.3. Penal Provisions for Allottees

7.4.4. Offence by companies

9.1. Verify Promoter Identity and Project Details on MahaRERA Website

9.2. Title of Property

9.3. Building Approvals and Commencement Certificate

9.4. Status of Tax Payments

9.5. Litigations against the Project

9.6. Allotment Letter and Model Form of Agreement

9.7. MahaRERA Carpet Area

10.1. Allotment Letter

10.1.1. Model Allotment Letter

10.2. Model Form of Agreement

10.3. Applicability of TDS to purchase of apartment and brokerage payment.

10.4. Basic Knowledge of Home and Mortgage Loan

10.1. Taxation/Government Fees and Levies

10.1.1. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

10.1.2. Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

10.1.3. Registration charge

10.1.4. Stamp duty

10.1.5. External Development Charges

10.2. Cost Sheet Sample and Component details


  1. Practicing and aspiring real estate agents in Maharashtra
  2. Real Estate Channel Partners
  3. Real Estate Sales Team Members