Benefits of MahaRERA Registration for Real Estate Agents

Benefits of MahaRERA Registration for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are a crucial part of the Real Estate Sector and play an important role in the growth. The MahaRERA regulations on Real Estate Agent Registration are helping in inducing more transparency and standardization in the Real Estate Sector in Maharashtra. The Regulations for Registration of Agents with MahaRERA not only has benefits for the Alottees but also for the agents. Below are the benefits associated with the agent registration with MahaRERA

  1. Enhanced Credibility: MahaRERA registration signifies that an agent complies with the regulatory authority’s rules and regulations. This enhances the agent’s credibility in the eyes of clients and potential buyers, as it demonstrates their commitment to transparency and professionalism.
  2. Legal Compliance: Being a registered MahaRERA agent means that you are operating within the legal framework established for real estate transactions. This reduces the risk of legal issues or disputes, giving clients peace of mind when dealing with you.
  3. Client Trust: Clients are more likely to trust registered MahaRERA agents because they have a higher level of confidence in the agent’s ethical conduct and adherence to industry standards. This trust can lead to increased business opportunities and referrals.
  4. Professional Development: MahaRERA registration may require agents to undergo training and stay updated on industry regulations. This continuous learning can improve an agent’s knowledge and skills, making them more effective in their role.
  5. Marketing Advantage: Agents can use their MahaRERA registration as a marketing tool to differentiate themselves from unregistered competitors.
  6. Reduced Risk of Legal Action: Registered agents are less likely to face legal action from clients or developers for unethical or fraudulent practices, as they are bound by MahaRERA’s code of conduct and consumer protection provisions.
  7. Access to MahaRERA Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: If disputes arise during a transaction, registered agents can utilize MahaRERA’s dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve issues efficiently and fairly. This can help maintain the agent’s reputation and relationships with clients.
  8. Transparent Transactions: MahaRERA promotes transparency in real estate transactions, and being a registered agent aligns you with this goal. Transparency is highly valued by clients and contributes to better client-agent relationships.
  9. Stay Current with Market Trends: Registration may require agents to regularly update project and transaction information. This can help agents stay current with market trends and provide clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information.


The advantages outlined above can be availed by real estate agents who have obtained registration with MahaRERA without any legal repercussions. To embark on this path to becoming a MahaRERA registered agent, it is imperative for agents to secure a “Certificate of Competency.” This certificate can only be acquired through a process of undergoing training from MahaRERA empanelled agencies. Notably, NAREDCO-REMI holds the distinction of being one such empanelled agency, entrusted by MahaRERA to provide expert training and comprehensive preparation to agents aiming to secure their Certificate of Competency. Enroll with NAREDCO-REMI’s classroom program or online program as per your convenience and begin your journey to become a registered agent today:


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