NAREDCO-REMI Offers Essential Training Program as MahaRERA Cancels Registration of Thousands of Real Estate Agents

NAREDCO-REMI Offers Essential Training Program as MahaRERA Cancels Registration of Thousands of Real Estate Agents

In light of the recent cancellation of registrations for over 13,000 real estate agents by the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA), NAREDCO-REMI emphasizes the critical need for comprehensive training and certification in the real estate sector. With the real estate landscape evolving rapidly and regulatory requirements becoming increasingly stringent, it is imperative for agents to equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the industry.

The cancellation of registrations underscores the importance of staying updated with regulatory compliance and professional development. Agents who fail to renew their licenses face significant setbacks in their careers, including loss of credibility and opportunities. However, NAREDCO-REMI offers a solution through its specialized training program designed to help real estate professionals obtain the Certificate of Competency required for registration and renewal.
“Our training program is tailored to address the evolving needs of real estate agents in today’s dynamic market,” said Mr. Deepak Kulaskar, Senior General Manager (Operations) at NAREDCO-REMI. “We understand the challenges faced by agents in meeting regulatory requirements and staying competitive. That’s why our program covers essential topics such as legal compliance, market trends, customer service, and negotiation skills.”

NAREDCO-REMI’s training program has already helped thousands of real estate agents enhance their knowledge and expertise, enabling them to navigate complex regulatory frameworks with confidence. By participating in the program, agents can not only fulfil the certification requirements mandated by MahaRERA but also gain a competitive edge in the industry.

“With MahaRERA’s stringent regulations and the growing demand for professionalism in the real estate sector, now is the time for agents to invest in their professional development,” added Mr. Deepak Kulaskar. “Our program equips agents with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while delivering exceptional service to clients.”

The recent examination conducted by MahaRERA saw a high success rate among candidates who had undergone specialized training, further highlighting the effectiveness of structured education in preparing agents for industry challenges. With the support of NAREDCO-REMI’s training program, real estate agents can adapt to regulatory changes, expand their capabilities, and thrive in a competitive market.

For agents looking to secure their future in the real estate industry, NAREDCO-REMI’s training program offers a pathway to success. To learn more about the program and enrol today, visit

About NAREDCO-REMI: NAREDCO-REMI (Real Estate Management Institute) is a premier entity dedicated to providing high-quality training and education to Real Estate Agents. Recognized as an authorized training provider by MahaRERA, NAREDCO-REMI’s primary objective revolves around furnishing both aspiring and experienced real estate agents with comprehensive knowledge and insights essential for obtaining the mandatory Certificate of Competency. This certification, mandated by regulatory authorities within the state, is indispensable for agents seeking initial registration or renewal, thus underscoring the pivotal role of NAREDCO-REMI in facilitating compliance and professional development within the industry.


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